Customs and Excise Office Denpasar Invites National Narcotics Agency to Share Knowledge on Illegal Drugs Abuse

Denpasar (23/02/2018) – Housed in the Hall of Customs and Excise Denpasar, Head of Prevention and Community Empowerment of National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Bali AKBP I Ketut Suandika was invited to present on Training and Re-Training on Narcotics held by to Customs and Excise Office Denpasar. The training is a thematic event aimed to disseminate and share deeper understanding on types, characteristics, impact and also recent updates about illegal drugs distribution at some illegal entrance of Bali region.

I Ketut Suandika conveys in the training that synergy between the Police, BNN and customs is in need to be highly improved as these agencies are the front guard on eradication of illegal drugs abuse and distribution. The data shows that the number of drug addicts in Bali in 2015 has reached the number of 2.01% out of Bali total population and has increased to 2.02% in 2016 that sent Bali to rank eleven on illegal drugs abuse in Indonesia. This condition will require hard work from all related parties to continually enhance the monitoring and control system on illegal drugs distribution in Bali.

There are many factors that drive a person to get trapped in drugs circle. In General, labile self-control and emotions, luxurious lifestyle, minimum family control, lack of discipline and responsibility value, bad environment, and also individual society are considered to contribute to the increase of illegal drugs abuse. It is important for us to get to know about ourselves so we know ourselves better on our strength and weaknesses so we can endure better at our lowest condition. It is also important to explore and disseminate information related to the danger of drugs abuse, and also to build and choose positive environment as an anticipation step on drugs abuse threat.

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